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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Would Your Child Leave the Park with a Stranger?

This #BBCtrending video nearly broke the Internet yesterday as Twitter and Facebook users were shocked at this experiment by Joey Salads.

Would your child leave the park with a stranger? Despite parents arguing certain statistics, this video is unnerving. Cases like this are the reason our Burbank martial arts teachers are strong advocates for 'Stranger Danger' and Anti-Kidnapping Techniques in the Kung Fu kids program. From pre-school to adulthood, it's never too late to learn how to protect yourself from danger.

"When I ask new students what a stranger is, they usually tell me that they wear black and are very sneaky. When I ask them what they should do if they get lost at the store, they often describe going outside and looking for their parents' car. They don't know how to dial 911 if there's an emergency. They don't know that they tell their parents right away if another adult asks them to keep a secret. Within a year of joining, most of my Burbank martial arts kids can answer every single question correctly without hesitation. And they can physically and vocally demonstrate how to fight off a kidnapper or dangerous adult."
- Sifu Nancy Tei, Program Director of CA Academy of Martial Arts where she teaches students self-defense using Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Please share these tips with your children:

  1. Use the buddy system and know exactly where you are going. Do not wander or stroll. It's important to keep your eyes on your surroundings at all times.
  2. Stay in busy areas so if you feel something is going to happen to you, you can run towards populated areas or a store to ask for help.
  3. Only grown-ups help grown-ups. There's no reason an adult, specifically a stranger, would ask a child for help.
  4. Most importantly, always trust your gut instincts. Don't feel embarrassed to call for help if you feel like you're in a dangerous situation.

Don't wait to enroll your family in self-defense classes. California Academy of Martial Arts has been teaching all ages 3 and up self-defense and martial arts using Wing Chun Kung Fu in the Los Angeles area for over 20 years. Free trials are offered daily -- contact us at http://kungfuwingchun.com/contact-burbank-martial-arts/!

- Kung Fu Los Angeles Staff