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Monday, April 7, 2014

Wu Tang's RZA and Kung Fu

As most Wu Tang fans know, rapper RZA is a Kung Fu aficionado. In 1992, he began a five-year plan to maximize Wu Tang marketing. The plan included launching Wu Tang clothing, gear, albums, movies, and video games like Wu Tang: Shaolin Style.

RZA in a traditional Shaolin uniform.
"The story centers around the kidnapping of the Wu Tang’s beloved Master Xin by the evil Mong Zhu. The Wu Tang have to fight their way through the streets of Staten Island [NY] and ultimately China in order to defeat Mong Zhu and save Master Xin and the secrets of the Wu Tang." -- Wu Tang Shaolin Style

Unfortunately the video game didn't take off as expected, but RZA's passion and love for Kung Fu is unbreakable. After all, he did become a Shaolin disciple.

In an interview with FilmComment, RZA revealed his adoration for Donnie Yen, Jet Li, and Bruce Lee - the modern day Wing Chun trifecta.

"Jet Li and Donnie Yen are modern masters. I don’t think I’ve seen anybody make movies, or choreograph styles, and make you feel the beauty of martial arts like they do... Donnie Yen is a friend—we call each other Kung Fu brothers... He’s the personification of what Bruce Lee could have been—speaking both languages, a master loved in both countries. [Bruce Lee is] a prophet, for what he means to his people, and what he means to the culture of martial arts around the world... Bruce Lee was a great actor! You watch Enter the Dragon and even though that movie is old as molasses, he’s still better than a lot of contemporary Kung Fu players. You can’t take your eyes off him." -- RZA interview with Jason Gross, 2008
We feel the same way about our Wing Chun masters too, RZA.

- Kung Fu Los Angeles Staff