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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Student Spotlight: Ria, Distinguished Tiger Graduate

Ria, Age 8 ready for her Jr. Si-Heng Black Sash 
For this month's Student Spotlight, we have an essay from one of our most successful students, Ria!

"Kung Fu - from Tigers to Dragons" 

by Ria M.

When I was in Tigers my favorite thing in Kung Fu was when we could play games. My favorite game was the game where we could tag people with the ball.

I think that Kung Fu is a really fun Martial Arts. My favorite form is Ping Kuen. It is my favorite because there are a lot of big moves and I like big moves. There are two main forms of Kung Fu that we learn about - Shaolin and Wing Chun. I like Shaolin a lot because it has big moves based on animal actions. I also really like Wing Chun because it teaches conservation of motion and makes you efficient in your moves.

After I got my final black sash in Tigers I moved to Dragons. The experience of moving from Tigers to Dragons was really nice. I could finally experience what it is like to be at a higher level with older kids. My favorite thing at Dragons so far was the Ninja game. In that game you do not move your body except your arms.

I have also got a lot of compliment cards which makes me very happy.

I think that Kung Fu is a really fun Martial Art form. It has been a really great experience for me to learn Kung Fu and it was a great choice for me to make.

[[From our staff:  Ria has been a student for over 2 years. She achieved the "Jr. Si-heng" level, which is the highest level of the Tigers Kung Fu program for ages 5-7, before graduating on to Dragons for ages 8-13.

For more information on our Burbank martial arts for kids, call us at 818-843-7916. We're open 7 days a week!]]

- Kung Fu Los Angeles Staff