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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Burbank Martial Arts for Ages 5 - 7

If you are looking for a Burbank martial arts school for kids ages 5-7, check out what our Kung Fu kids are up to:

Our Tigers martial arts program in Burbank specializes in teaching self-defense through Wing Chun Kung Fu (the style of Bruce Lee), life skills such as focus, discipline, and self-confidence, and Anti-Bullying/Anti-Kidnapping techniques!

Local residents are invited to try a free class: Contact us or give us a call at (818) 843-7916!

- Kung Fu Los Angeles Staff

P.S. At 0:03 and 0:18 you can see former Tigers Roman and Arantza, both now in our Dragons program for ages 8-13. At 0:48, Panda (ages 3-5) graduates Damian and Jorge practice Wing Chun hand techniques together. At 0:55 on the righthand side we catch a glimpse of former Panda Jack, too.