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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Burbank Karate for Kids: FAQs

Many parents looking for a Burbank karate school for their kids may not know the difference between Karate and Kung Fu. Learn more in this short article!

1) What is Karate?
  • Karate is a Japanese martial art.
2) What's the difference between Karate and Kung Fu?
  • There are many styles of Karate and many styles of Kung Fu (Chinese martial arts). We cannot speak for them all. However, we can say that Wing Chun Kung Fu (our style) is a great martial art for kids because it teaches deflecting your opponent's attack and targeting weak points rather than relying on brute strength. These unique abilities will give your child a fighting chance to overcome an adult attacker and run toward help. Meanwhile, many Karate schools for kids focus on tournament fighting rather than anti-bullying and anti-kidnapping.
3) How might Kung Fu classes at California Academy of Martial Arts differ from classes at Burbank karate schools?
  • Life Skills Training
    • In addition to self-defense, C.A.M.A. incorporates life skills training so your child can increase his or her focus, discipline, self-control, and self-confidence (just to name a few). Our Burbank martial arts for kids program aims to bring out the leader in every child. We want all of our kids to excel at school, in their other extracurriculars, and in all social situations.
  • Age-Appropriate Curriculum
    • Our Kung Fu classes teach age-appropriate curriculum. Each age group has a unique curriculum specific to their developmental stage. Within each class, students are then split between beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. Our Kung Fu kids move up in skill based on their individual progress and practice. 
4) Who teaches the kids' classes at your martial arts school?
  • Every school has their own selection process for instructors. Many karate schools, as well as schools teaching other martial arts for kids, may post ads on Craigslist or at local recreation centers looking for children's instructors with any outside martial arts experience. However, our Burbank martial arts school is unique because all our instructors must learn authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu from us before being allowed to teach the kids. No strangers off Craigslist: we know all of our students quite well before they become Assistant Instructors. Later, these assistants are promoted to Lead Instructors once they have mastered the nuances of teaching our specialized children's martial arts curriculums.
5) How can I decide whether karate or Kung Fu is best for my child?
  • The best way to decide on the best Burbank martial arts school for your child is to try an introductory class. We offer a free trial class to local children. Thousands of parents have entrusted their kids to us to learn leadership skills, self-defense, and authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu. To schedule a trial class, simply call us at 818-843-7916 or use our Contact Form.
More questions? Drop by our Facebook and leave a note - we'll get back to you!

-Miss Meg, California Academy of Martial Arts Staff