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Friday, March 8, 2013

Whittier Kidnappings: Victims Escape, Flee

In nearby Whittier, California, there has been a recent string of related kidnappings specifically targeting young women and children:
  • A group of Good Samaritans held down 41 year-old registered sex offender David Polanco after he allegedly tried to kidnap an 18 year old girl. The group of people waited for police to arrive where he was later booked on suspicion of kidnapping. Once detained, police asked locals for any information if they have been in suspicious contact with Polanco. (Source with video)
  • A 12 year-old boy playing in a park when a man snuck up and put his hand over his mouth, ordering him to keep quiet as he tried to pull the boy off a swing set. Luckily, the boy ignored him and was able to catch the attention of his brothers nearby. They assisted in fighting off the suspect until he ran off.
  • Last month, an 11 year-old girl was walking alone near a park when she was abducted by someone and thrown into the back of a car. She found another girl of about 7 crying in the back of the seat. The girls teamed up to escape the car and contact police.
  • In the same month, a 17 year-old girl reported walking home when a man attempted to lure her into his car. She was also able to run away and contact police before the man could reach her.
  • That same day in the same neighborhood, two high school girls were in the middle of an argument when a man interrupted and told them to get in his car. Witnesses report that the suspect fled soon after. 
Polanco and suspects were unable to successfully kidnap any of the above mentioned victims due to their observance of the most important anti-kidnapping rule: always try to get away and attract attention to yourself, even if the kidnapper is threatening you.

Our martial arts program in Los Angeles focuses specifically on giving young children and women the confidence to defend themselves, and as demonstrated by the incidents in this article, you may be able to protect yourself and your children with the right attitude and education.