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Monday, March 4, 2013

Lantern Festival Los Angeles 2013: Demo Video Footage

On Saturday, March 2nd, our Martial Arts Demo Team was invited to perform at Chinese American Museum's 12th annual Lantern Festival in the Chinatown area of downtown Los Angeles.

Chi sau (meaning sticky hands) is one of Wing Chun's most famous exercises. The drill is designed to teach trapping, quick reflexes, simultaneous attack & defense and fearless fighting at close range.

Some video of Sifu Tei's chi sau demonstration:

Our California Academy of Martial Arts Demo Team after the show:

From top left: Patty, Adam, Sifu Tei, Adonai, Jen & Chris. From bottom left: Jr. Si-heng Roman & Jr. Sifu Brian 
We'd love to post video of the rest of our set, but we don't have any. If you took any, please Contact Us!

-Kung Fu Los Angeles staff