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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

10 Year-Old Northridge Girl Kidnapped, Found

Earlier today we shared on our Facebook page that a 10 year-old girl was reported missing from her Northridge home by her frantic parents. Thankfully, the girl has been found. Authorities report she was kidnapped by two men unknown to her (strangers), then dropped off at a local hospital. She wandered to a nearby Starbucks in a state of shock with numerous bruises and lacerations. Thankfully, she was assisted by an unknown citizen who recognized her from news coverage.

Although photos of her and her full name are available online, we will decline to share them here as she is being treated as a victim of kidnapping and sexual assault.


-Kung Fu Los Angeles staff

UPDATE: Authorities have confirmed that the girl was kidnapped at knifepoint from her home and sexually assaulted. They have arrested a secondary suspect, Daniel Martinez, charged with assisting the kidnapping but not participating in the assault. They are hunting for parolee and prime suspect Tobias Summers, pictured below. If you see this man, please contact authorities immediately.