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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bullied Boy in Coma After Attack By Classmates

Bailey O'Neill, an 11 year-old boy from Darby Township, Pennsylvania, is in a medically induced coma following a schoolyard fight. The boy's parents claim several classmates were bullying him.

O'Neill was struck several times in the face. The blows fractured his nose and caused him to fall to the ground. He was initially diagnosed with a concussion but was treated and released. Following the incident, he developed seizures so serious that his doctors induced a coma for his safety.

This incident highlights the need for all children to engage in regular, comprehensive anti-bullying training. Wing Chun is an ideal style for this purpose due to its focus on defense against multiple attackers.

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--Sifu Nancy, Kung Fu Los Angeles staff

(Source: IBT)