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Monday, October 15, 2012

Prevent Child Kidnappings: Anti-Kidnapping Seminar for Los Angeles Children

On Saturday, November 3rd, California Academy of Martial Arts will host an Anti-Kidnapping Seminar for children and their parents. The goal of this seminar is to empower all children to identify, avoid, escape, and defend against adults who may wish them harm.

The seminar is split into two fun, lively, age-appropriate workshops taught by Program Director Sifu Nancy Tei and assistant school instructors:

  • PANDAS (ages 3-5): 10 am - 11 am. At least one parent or guardian must participate along with their child as we cover important topics relevant to our preschoolers, including When to Call 911, Street Safety, and Stranger Danger. We will reenact real and hypothetical kidnapping scenarios involving young children as well as older siblings so that your child will know what to do if they are kidnapped or if they witness a friend or sibling being kidnapped. We will also role-play physical self-defense against attackers with a focus on what to do if grabbed or lifted by an unknown stranger. 
  • TIGERS & DRAGONS (ages 6-13): 11 am - 1 pm. Elementary and junior high students are far more independent than pre-K children. Therefore, this workshop will build upon the basics by reenacting a number of real and hypothetical kidnappings such as:
    • The Abduction of Melissa Duran - a Las Vegas teen was abducted from her home and held for ransom in September 2012. We'll reenact this scenario and role-play it with each of the children so they know how to escape a kidnapper by striking and struggling against them, and how to run to safety while attracting as much attention as possible from neighbors.
    • The Cody, Wyoming Kidnapping - Recently an 11 year-old girl in Wyoming was lured into an SUV by a stranger and sexually assaulted. We will discuss the tricks kidnappers may use to get children alone, as well as what children should do if they see their friends falling for these dangerous ruses. We will also teach children how to avoid being taken into vehicles and how to escape them once inside. 
Both seminars will feature extensive discussion of when it is appropriate to say "no" to adults -- not just strangers, but adults known to the child such as teachers and relatives, who are statistically more likely to commit harm to children than true strangers. 

Please note that the children will learn deadly self-defense techniques designed only for use in life-threatening situations (at an age-appropriate level as determined by our instructors). If you have concerns about your child's ability to discern the appropriate use of force in any situation, please use your discretion. 

This seminar is FREE to our students, their siblings, and our adult students' children. We're looking forward to an enjoyable day, a lot of laughs, and some very important life lessons!

We are also accepting a limited number of non-student enrollments. For pricing and availability, please Contact Us.