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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

California Freeway Beating Video - Cowards Go 2 on 1

If you haven't seen it yet, you will -- here's a link to the video: Police Hunting Thugs Who Pummeled Motorist.

The viral video, uploaded to YouTube and LiveLeak, was shot by a passerby. If you can't watch, here's a summary: Three men (the thugs) argue with a lone motorist on the side of the freeway. The lone motorist and one of the thugs raise their fists and begin fighting. After a short time, the thugs realize that their buddy is losing, so one of them jumps in and helps drag the lone motorist to the ground. The lone motorist tries to grapple with them, leaping on top of his original opponent, giving the other thug (who's still standing) the opportunity to drag him off of his buddy. They then kick him in the head not once, not twice but FOUR times.

We can only hope that the thugs are caught and brought to justice, not just for their assault but also for their cowardice. There's nothing fair about a 2 vs 1 battle; clearly these men have no sense of integrity or respect.

-Sifu Nancy, Kung Fu Los Angeles staff

P.S. This video demonstrates why grappling is problematic as a self-defense solution. Street brawls usually involve more than 1 attacker; most people won't engage in battles they might lose unless forced. Therefore, grappling is impractical because it increases the possibility of getting kicked in the head (like this unfortunate motorist). 

Grappling (or better yet, anti-grappling) has its place in an individual's self-defense arsenal, but it cannot stand alone.