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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Live Wing Chun Fighting!

Back in February, our Kung Fu Performance Team, a.k.a. our Demo Team, was invited to perform in San Diego at the  Poway Center for the Performing Arts. The 797-seat facility was completely full.

The “Chinese Art and Cultural Society Annual Music & Art Festival 2012” event was an amazing success. Along with our Kung Fu performers, the event featured ballet, opera, hip-hop and other amazing acts.

Check out our performance! It starts around the 57 minute mark. A list breaking down when our various martial arts acts start is also below.

57:15 – Ping Kuen from Choy li Fut
57:50 – Crane Style form
58:10 – Double Broadswords
58:35 – Nunchakus
59:25 – Pole Form and Fight (Shaolin)
1:00:20 – Tai Chi Form (Chen Style)
1:01:55 – Group Wing Chun Fight Scene (Incorporates elements of Wing Chun, Shaolin, and Jeet Kune Do)
1:04:20 – Sifu Tei’s Form 

Many thanks and kudos to our performers, who put in weeks of preparation for this show: Sifu Todd Shawn Tei, Sifu Nancy Tei, Sihings (elder kung fu brothers) Chris and Patrick, and Sijehs (elder kung fu sisters) Patty and Jenny.

And special thanks to the group that organized this event, the San Diego Chinese Arts & Cultural Society.

-Kung Fu Los Angeles