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Friday, February 10, 2012

Little Girl Fights Off Walmart Kidnapper

This video of a 2nd grader escaping her would-be abductor is all over the Internet today.

The man in the video was out on parole for manslaughter when he spotted the little girl in the toy aisle of Walmart. The girl's mother had stepped away for a moment to grab forgotten groceries. The video depicts the man grabbing the girl and attempting to carry her out of the store. The girl kicks and screams until he drops her and flees. He was arrested hours later.

This scenario is one we practice with our Kung Fu kids frequently. The most powerful anti-kidnapping tool young children have is their voice, especially in public places. We'll be drilling these scenarios again during Sunday's classes. All local children are invited to try a free class and participate. Our contact information can be found at our website: California Academy of Martial Arts.

-Kung Fu Los Angeles Staff