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Saturday, November 5, 2011

10 Year Old Boy Fights Off Kidnapper in Monrovia

In an area near Monrovia, about 30 minutes from our martial arts school in Burbank, a 10 year-old boy escaped his kidnapper by biting him!

Dominic Barrera, the boy's father, said, "My kid was kicking and biting and screaming and I guess the guy got spooked, scared or he may have hurt him. (He) dropped my son and then he ran back."

 The boy had been kidnapped from his backyard by the suspect, who is still at large. His actions - kicking, screaming, and fighting for his life - may have saved his life. The boy did the same things, in fact, that we coach our own kung fu kids to do. At our kung fu school we even role-play kidnapping scenarios by grabbing the kids' arms and instructing them to scream "Help! Stranger!" while kicking toward instructors' groins and jabbing toward their eyes. If you're a parent reading this, you have every right to be scared for your child. Dangers will always exist, even in relatively safe neighborhoods. Kids are never truly safe from kidnappers.

The key is to prepare your child so you can breathe a little easier. Does your child know...

 1) How to break a stranger's grip?
2) Which way to run if a car is following them?
3) The vulnerable areas to strike a kidnapper?
4) What to yell to attract the most attention to themselves?
5) Who to ask for help when they're lost in a public place? (A lost child asking the wrong person for help is one of the easiest targets for kidnappers.)

 These are the most basic anti-kidnapping topics, and a great start to an important conversation about kidnapping that you can't afford to put off.

 -Kung Fu Los Angeles

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Kung Fu Halloween

Halloween is always a fun time of year at our kung fu school here in Burbank. We hold two separate potluck parties: one for the kids and one for the adults and teens.

The kids' party featured several games, cupcake decorating and a costume parade.

The little ones

Two Captain Americas

We'll upload more photos of our older kids soon :)

The adult/teen party included our now-traditional game of 'Mafia' (a card game involving strategy and acting skills, which is a natural fit for us because many of our students are involved in the entertainment industry)...

Mafia in progress

A few of the partygoers
If you took any photos we didn't include, send them to us!

-Kung Fu Los Angeles staff