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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Martial Arts Testing and Ranks: September

This month, like every month, a number of our Kung Fu students tested for new levels.

In Wing Chun, ranking systems are at the discretion of the individual school. In Chinese martial arts, generally, there are only three standard ranks: Student, Disciple, and Master/Sifu. However, most schools elect to assign colored sashes to represent these different ranks, which provides students clear measures of their past progress and future goals. Rank systems also help foster a more formal learning environment through martial arts tests and promotions.

For our kids particularly, testing can be a nerve-wracking experience... which is why it's so great when they pass!

Chloe, a Dragon, passing to her 2nd Level

David, Arantza and Teagan, all Tigers
Just a few of the children are pictured. Here's a group shot of our Kung Fu adults holding up their new sashes, posing with Sifu Tei:

There's at least one future Sifu in here somewhere...
EDIT: 9/28/11 - here's another photo of a Dragon with his new sash after graduating from Tigers a few months ago:

Congratulations to all!

-Kung Fu Los Angeles staff