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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Homeschooling Martial Arts and Kung Fu: Advantages and Benefits

Over the years at California Academy of Martial Arts we have counted many homeschooled children as our own students. The benefits these children experience in our program are numerous, but socialization and exercise are at the top of the list. How can Kung Fu help a homeschooled child stay ahead of the curve?

Some of our homeschooled children have been actors, others athletes, but the vast majority were homeschooled simply because their parents thought it fit their lifestyles best. There is much debate over whether home education is advantageous for children, and much research has been done on the subject. Whatever your viewpoint, socialization of homeschooled children is undeniably a challenge for many families.
Almost all homeschooled children spend less time interacting with other children than their peers in mainstream schools. At our school, children spend much time training with each other doing various drills, exercises, and games. Our instructors help the kids learn important social skills such as etiquette, fairness, teamwork, and leadership.

Kung Fu also provides kids with a much-needed outlet for their boundless energy! Research shows that kids are spending more and more time in front of the TV and less time moving and playing.

Of course, Kung Fu training is more than simple gym class: kids learn self-defense and anti-abduction skills, too.

If you know a child who might benefit from martial arts training, have them give us a call.

-Kung Fu Los Angeles staff