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Monday, March 21, 2011

Wing Chun Los Angeles & Choosing a Martial Arts School

Our school is in Burbank, but many of our students commute to us from other areas of Los Angeles. Looking out at tonight's adult/teen class, I see students who live in: Culver City, Montrose, Glendale, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, Beverly Hills, North Hills...

What's the significance of this? For those of you who don't live in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Culver City are at least 45 minutes or more away in traffic. (As I like to say, they might as well be on the moon, it takes so long to get to Burbank from there on the dreaded 405...) Even Sherman Oaks, only 10 minutes away without traffic, can easily be a 30-minute drive during rush hour.

Anyone who has studied martial arts can attest that it's more important to find the right school and the right teacher than it is to merely find the most convenient option. Choosing a martial arts school is a short process for some (who just try a class and decide on the spot if they're comfortable with enrolling) and a rather lengthy process for others (like one of our students, Allan, who visited literally every kung fu school in the city doing trial classes and even trial months before returning to us having made his decision). Either way, there are several factors besides geographical location you should consider.

Remember the Chinese proverb: it's better to spend 10 years looking for a good teacher than 10 years learning from a bad one...

-Kung Fu Los Angeles staff