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Monday, March 7, 2011

Bruce Lee, Ip Man, and Wing Chun

At the end of Ip Man 2, a small, arrogant child walks in and says he wants to learn kung fu. Ip Man laughs and tells him to come back when he's older. The child leaves, but not before telling everyone his name: Bruce Lee!

That's right. Bruce Lee was one of Ip Man's students. In fact, Ip Man was Bruce Lee's only formal martial arts teacher.

Here's some photos of Bruce and his Sifu Ip Man:

Ip Man and Bruce Lee practicing chi sau, or sticky hands

Although Bruce Lee would later go on to develop the concept called "Jeet Kune Do", this concept was not meant to be a new style for people to learn in lieu of other pre-existing styles such as Wing Chun. Rather, Jeet Kune Do was intended to be a way of thinking and training for maximum efficiency and improvement. 

(For more information on Jeet Kune Do, see Sifu Tei's article "Jeet Kune Do on Trial: Is it Guilty or Innocent of Being a Martial Arts Style?" A framed copy of the article is available for viewing at our school.)

-Kung Fu Los Angeles staff