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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Patty Whitehead: commitment, in 2 photos

So Miss Patty, one of our senior sashes and an assistant instructor, started with us when she was 8. For some reason, no one believes us when we say that -- which I think is a testament to how truly rare commitment is among our children today. So I'm posting PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE!
Patty at about age 8 or 9 at the old school. As evidenced by her green sash she'd already been training for around 9 months.
Patty at age 14, receiving her red & black sash!
P.S. I'm particularly proud of Patty and many of the other children who have trained with us for years because I feel the art of commitment is really lost on many of this generation's kids. Let me just say that I believe ANY child is capable of this level of commitment and accomplishment! (With ample help and support from parents and family, of course.)

-Kung Fu Los Angeles staff