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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Ip Man Movies List

At least two or three times per week, someone wanders in and says, "I'm here because I saw the movie Ip Man and I want to learn Wing Chun."

Many of these Ip Man enthusiasts have become some of our most dedicated students.

When they come in, after talking about our programs and such, our instructors always ask if they've seen any of the "other" Ip Man movies. Here is a list with trailers of the "other" Ip Man movies already released or in the works for fans:

1. Ip Man 2 (2010) - sequel to Ip Man (2008); stars Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung.

2. Ip Man: The Legend is Born (2010) - prequel to the previous 2 Ip Man movies, starring Dennis To and Sammo Hung. Features a substantial cameo by Ip Man's real-life eldest son, Ip Chun, who portrays Leung Bik (Ip Man's second Sifu). Made by a different production company than its predecessor.

3. The Grandmasters (2011) - stars Tony Leung and Zhang Ziyi. Was produced completely separately from the other 3 movies. The teaser trailer doesn't offer much unless you read Chinese, but we have high hopes for this film due to the caliber of its cast and its director, the renowned auteur Wong Kar Wai as well as action choreographer Yuen Woo-Ping.

(Why all the movies about Ip Man? Ip Man's chief claim to fame is having taught Bruce Lee, who popularized Wing Chun/Kung Fu in America... here at our school in Los Angeles we have a photo of the real-life Ip Man hanging in a place of honor, so that all of our students can aspire to be as great, as noble, and as influential as he was known to be.)

-Kung Fu Los Angeles staff