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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Earned, Not Given...

Last night Sifu Tei awarded new sashes to a number of our students who tested over this past week and weekend.

Congratulations to all of them, because all of them -- the youngest being age 3 and the oldest in their 40s or 50s this time around -- earned their new ranking through hard work, humility and determination.

Some of them have only been with us for a few months and took their first tests on Saturday, but one of them, Miss Patty, has been with us for 6 years! Her commitment is definitely something to be admired. Keep an eye out for a longer blog about her martial arts journey soon.

In the meanwhile here's some photos of a couple 'Tigers' who passed this weekend with flying colors:

Keilee, who is graduating to Dragons today after almost a year in our Tigers program

Catherine, a veteran Advanced Tiger whose knowledge of Ip Man and his significance to Wing Chun was especially impressive

:) -Sifu Nancy