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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ip Man 2 Demo - part 1

Last night three C.A.M.A. instructors (Paul, Gannon and Mark) plus Sifu Todd Shawn Tei did a demonstration of Wing Chun Kung Fu fighting techniques, chi sau (sticky hand drill), simultaneous attack and defense, etc. before the 7:40 pm screening of 'IP MAN 2' at the Mann Grauman's Chinese Theater on Hollywood/Highland.

We're working on getting video and photos for you. In the meanwhile, go see the movie! It was a completely different experience seeing it on the big screen with EXCELLENT translations than it was seeing it, well, on DVD with awful translations...

If you haven't seen Ip Man (the first one) yet, definitely see that before Ip Man 2, though. You can stream it on Netflix or, if you're in our area, purchase it at our school for $10.

Did you see our demonstration? Or did you see the movie somewhere else? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

-Kung Fu Los Angeles staff